Monday, March 12, 2012

Denny's Restaurant: closed and boarded up

When driving recently I spotted a familiar sign that is know by many a traveller. The yellow irregular hexagon sign is of course from Denny's. This one was missing the script.

This close up show that all reference to Denny's has been removed. 

I was interested in taking a closer look. This is what greeted me after a short drive.

This classic, late 20th century designed Denny's Restaurant, perhaps from the 1960's, was boarded-up. The design is striking. Look at that roof with its red, white and blue stripes. Curious, I wandered over for a closer look.

What a simple and clean design. Functional too by providing a large overhand to protect the patron from the western sun.

All the windows are boarded up. If you are after a grand slam breakfast, you'll have to go somewhere else.

Turning to the left we see the the former front of the restaurant where patrons sat in the booths and at tables, looking out across the parking lot towards the freeway. 

These coin-operated newspaper dispensers, waiting re-deployment or recycling, are a  reminder of the times when people read newspapers. 

 I like this stonework, a design feature now that seems to have been done away with in preference for  stucko. Let us take a closer look at that sign on the left.

Its a sign advertising the presence of AT&T Long Distance Service. It seems quaint now that such a service is something worthy of promotion. Come in! We have long-distance AT&T phones! Today, everyone has such a service in their pocket cell-phones.

 I don't know if this this former Denny's is to be demolished, or if its waiting for a new owner or tenant. I hope it is preserved, but think that the financial reality is this 40-50year old 1960's era building may be worth less than the land on which it sits. I suspect that one day soon it will be demolished.

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