Saturday, September 17, 2011

Arcadia Hotel, Brisbane

The now demolished and probably forgotten Arcadia Hotel, or Hotel Arcadia, on Elizabeth Street in Brisbane. The Arcadia Hotel was demolished in the mid 1980's as part of the development of the Myer Center. At the rear of the Arcadia was an open-air bar, or beer garden, where you could stand under the stars in central Brisbane and enjoy you drinks and the company of others. It was a nice little bar.

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campba said...

I was reminiscing today about the Arcadia. When I was at high school we would all meet up there on a Friday night and get drunk for very little, and underage of course. I used to get $10 a week pocket money, and for that I could get just enough gin and squashes (we probably shared jugs), to get silly enough that I would giggle my way home on the Mt Gravatt 189... the last bus left about 11.20pm from the corner of Queen Street. The alcohol would rush through my blood as I made a last dash to catch it. I remember having a crush on a handsome boy named Ford. Funny times.